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Signed Giclee Prints

Print size A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in or 297 x 420 mm):   55 GBP ($60) plus shipping.

Print size A2 (16.5 x 23.4 in or 420 x 594 mm):  110 GBP ($120) plus shipping.


I order prints on demand, so the exact size might vary slightly depending on the chosen artwork proportions; any artwork ever created is available as a high quality signed print. 

Please email to let me know which artwork you are interested in, and I will confirm the exact cost including delivery.

One-of-a-kind 3D originals 
Shell spiral v2onl.jpg

Many original paper artworks from past projects are available to buy on a 'first come first served' basis, and new artworks are added/released regularly. 

Please send me an email to receive the latest lists of available artworks.

Lists are divided into different categories:

- Fine art/large scale paper art

- Small artworks in the 300-500GBP ($330-550) price range 

- Larger/more complex artworks from 600GBP ($660) 

- SALE list: small/old artworks starting from around 100GBP ($110)




Custom commissions

I take on selected custom commissions both large and small. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to share your ideas and discuss a custom project!

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