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I'm really excited to present my new book Painting with Paper: Paper on the Edge and share everything I've learned (and, of course, continue learning) about quilling and paper art.


This is not a project based book, but instead an insight into my creative process with practical tips on how to work with my methods in various ways of your own. What I’m trying to encourage through sharing my experience and practical advice, is creative freedom: we create in order to feel joy from making something beautiful with our own hands; this feeling of joy is many times stronger when you create art inspired by something that moves you deeply as a person. That’s why it is important not to get stuck and develop a habit of always needing somebody else to outline and plan every creative decision for you.

The real unique creativity comes from inside when you find the courage and learn to make your own decisions (and, sometimes, mistakes), but ultimately create the art that is a unique expression of yourself rather than a replica of somebody else’s vision. This book will provide you with tools needed to advance your creative thinking and find your distinctive creative voice.  


I hope you will find the book inspirational and full of practical ideas for artists and paper art enthusiasts who want to advance their creative thinking, or simply get a better understanding and discover inspirations behind my paper artworks.


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